Hard decisions

Making the decision to shut down my business wasn’t an easy one and when people ask, “Why did you close?” there isn’t one overarching reason. The end result though is the same: I’m in a state of transition.

So many people find themselves in the same space – in between jobs or job and family or schools. And yet we all handle that “in between” differently. For me, if I can sift through the directives careening around in my head each day, I’ll come out ahead, still sane and with purpose. Because at the end of the day, that’s the piece I need – I did something with purpose and movement toward a point.

Writing helps me shift all those pieces around. Much like the puzzle I have on the table, if I can find all the edges, then the patterns, I’ll eventually get to a completed picture. And if some of my thoughts are helpful to someone else, even better. So – I’m using this space to put it all down, move it around and click some pieces together.  Interestingly, in starting to write again, I find myself with all sorts of thoughts that speak more to my work philosophy than the process of finding work.

Those ideas made more sense in another space so if you’re interested in the topics of business that intrigue me and come from my place of expertise, you can find those thoughts here.  It kind of works like the Pensieve in Harry Potter –  I can remove thoughts that don’t pertain to the experience of looking for a job and place them not in a shallow bowl but another piece of “paper.”

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