to do

While my creative side is lacking (though I am working to build up those muscles), my analytical side just keeps trucking along. When I started my business, I learned quickly what I was good at: the back end of business – operating efficiently, numbers, HR, etc. and what I wasn’t: sales/marketing – that creative stuff.  It’s why I am good at making order out of chaos. My brain is uncomfortable when things aren’t done in an orderly fashion.

While I work during the day to find work, I also have other objectives. I do want to push that creative muscle a bit. I want to learn things that I’ve wondered about or realized I didn’t know enough about while I owned my business. I want to meet new people, although I guess that’s technically part of the working to find work. So there are many different things I want or have to do each day, much like when I had my to-do list on my desk at work.

I realized today that I am thankful to have the analytical mind I do. One of the reasons I am good at the running the back end of a business is because I can prioritize, somewhat automatically.  Yes, I tend to have to write things down so I don’t forget them, but I can usually look at that and decide in what order things should be done. And do that while taking into consideration the everyday things that need to get done without going on the list (these days, things like walking the dog, fitting in exercise, making dinner, etc).

And I’m glad for that because I don’t have to invest a ton of energy in deciding what to tackle each day. Sometimes, like today, learning takes priority. And yet, when I was thinking about prioritization, I knew I could sit down and write this all out quickly, as opposed to waiting for “writing time” and trying to force the issue. Sometimes, breaking into the to-do list is more efficient and effective than sticking to a schedule no matter what. Do I get it all done? Phssht. No. Who ever does? But I get what needs to be done at that time finished.

I wish I could say I took a course or had a mentor who worked with me on this, and that’s not to say prioritizing for efficiency can’t be learned. It’s really just the way my brain works and during this time of uncertainty for what comes next, I’m glad to have the comfort (at least mentally) of some order and control.

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